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Civil disorder and the penalties that follow this federal felony

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The media often showcases protests across the nation. There are various movements and groups that exercise their right to peacefully protest, speaking out against the government, the president or an elected official of a state or the government. However, when these protests are no longer peaceful, they might shift toward civil disobedience. And when violence ensues, this could result in civil disorder and felony charges.

What is civil disorder?

Based on federal statute, civil disorder is defined as a public disturbance that involves acts of violence by an assembly of three or more individuals, resulting in an immediate danger to persons or property or the damage or injury of them.

The statute points to the impact on commerce being an element of civil disorder. It explains that it is illegal to engage in civil unrest that results in the obstruction, delay or adverse effects on commerce, such as the movement of commerce or the conduct or performance of any federally protected function.

Violations and punishment

There are three ways to violate the statute. First, by teaching or showing someone how to use a firearm or explosive device that can cause injury or death with the knowledge or belief that it will be used for civil disorder. Second, by transporting or manufacturing weapons with the knowledge or belief that they will be used for civil disorder. And third, by taking action to obstruct, impede or interfere with law officials performing their duties during an event of civil disorder.

An individual accused of civil disorder faces a federal felony charge. The penalties associated with it include up to five years in a federal prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Facing allegations of a felony is a serious situation, especially when they are federal charges. Because the penalties associated with these charges are harsh, it is important to initiate a timely and aggressive defense against them. This not only better protects your rights but also helps with the reduction and even dismissal of some or all of the charges against you.