Standing Tall Between Your Future And The Judge’s Gavel

Securing Resolution To Complex Legal Matters

Finding anything resembling common ground presents significant challenges when it comes to civil litigation. Whether a dispute is litigated in court or negotiated at the mediation table, finding a resolution can be anything but civil.

Experience And Effectiveness

Attorney John Pavlos brings comprehensive experience and a track record of success in civil litigation. He takes on the complexities that come with complex, often heated disputes that require resolution, regardless of the venue. Cases can take many forms and include:

  • Personal injury cases that range from motor vehicle accidents to wrongful death
  • Employment law
  • Representation of police officers facing career-ending allegations of misconduct
  • Academic discipline matters that range from “modified” transcripts and serious accusations of assault or drug use
  • Civil rights cases

A Lawyer Taking On High-Stakes Cases

John Pavlos understands the stakes involved in any aspect of civil litigation. He takes on complex cases with a personalized approach. Throughout the entire process, he attends to every detail and takes a fact-based approach on your behalf.

Whether he is litigating or mediating cases, John Pavlos focuses on the best possible resolution for you so you can move on with your life.

Time is of the essence when it comes to civil litigation. Massachusetts statutes of limitations exist that can undermine, if not end, the pursuit of justice. Retaining a skilled attorney with skills in negotiating and litigating cases. Contact John Pavlos at John Pavlos Law in Randolph at 508-545-7054 or reach out online.