Standing Tall Between Your Future And The Judge’s Gavel

Committed To Protecting Employee Rights

Relationships with employees and employers are tenuous at best. When disputes arise, company owners and managers wield significant power over their staff members. That dynamic necessitates an attorney to help even the odds.

John Pavlos possesses extensive experience in helping employees throughout Massachusetts overcome significant obstacles that come with workplace-related matters. First and foremost, he understands that safe workplace environments are paramount. Should employers fall short, he focuses his efforts on pursuing the best possible outcome.

Taking A Fact-Based Approach

Wage disputes, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other types of hostile work environments create a toxicity level that may tempt you to walk away or accept termination. Employers work hard to control the narrative, particularly when the issues are high-profile fodder for the media.

John Pavlos is a lawyer who will work hard to protect your rights. He strives to build the strongest possible case to protect not only your reputation but also your future career and livelihood. He takes a fact-based approach when establishing your case and pursues the best outcome with an aggressive pit-bull approach, whether through negotiation or litigation.

You can also turn to John Pavlos Law for assistance with negotiating various aspects of exit plans, including severance talks, non-disclosure agreements, and non-compete agreements.

Evening The Odds

Trying to resolve occupational-related disputes and allegations without legal help ignores the complexity of the cases. The first step is for you to retain an attorney committed to securing the rights of employees and help you overcome the odds. Contact John Pavlos online or by calling 508-545-7054 to find out how he can help preserve your professional reputation.