Standing Tall Between Your Future And The Judge’s Gavel

Severe Consequences Come With A DUI

The flashing lights reflecting in a rearview mirror are the first indication of trouble. Coming home from an enjoyable family gathering or a night out with friends suddenly turns into you being pulled over by law enforcement.

Hundreds of reasons exist for a car veering onto a shoulder or crossing a yellow line. Police officers presume that the driver is under the influence when, many times, the opposite is true.

Sobriety tests conducted by police are subjective. Breathalyzers are fallible at best. Oftentimes, these machines are not properly calibrated, resulting in a driver blowing a .08 or more over the legal limit and an arrest for drunk driving.

Aggressive Protection Of Your Rights

That is where John Pavlos comes in to help you. For 24 years, he has fought to protect the rights of Massachusetts residents facing serious criminal charges. The high-stakes nature of drunk driving goes beyond the criminal aspect. The suspension or revocation of your driver’s license can result in challenges in maintaining a livelihood, potentially resulting in termination from an employer.

John Pavlos will treat your case with the attention to detail it deserves. He reviews all evidence with a particular focus on the initial stop. More often than anyone would think, law enforcement can make mistakes that could result in the dismissal of charges instead of wrongful convictions.

Whether through plea bargaining or trial litigation. John Pavlos is committed to securing the best possible outcome for you.

Take Action

Time is of the essence. Dealing with law enforcement making criminal accusations is not something to face without a skilled and seasoned personal injury lawyer. Contact criminal defense attorney John Pavlos at his Randolph office by calling 508-545-7054 or emailing the John Pavlos Law today.