Standing Tall Between Your Future And The Judge’s Gavel

Life-Changing Criminal Accusations

Few criminal accusations impact reputations as someone accuses you of a sex crime. Guilt is often presumed, with members of the media falling all over themselves to publish salacious and frequently false stories.

You could face a lifetime of consequences ranging from lengthy prison time and registration as a sex offender. High-stakes crimes require an attorney who understands the monumental impact of convictions for sex offenses.

Retain Immediate Representation

Before speaking to the police or anyone else, protect your right to remain silent by contacting John Pavlos. He has represented Massachusetts residents from serious criminal accusations of this nature since 1998. His job is to secure the best possible outcome of what is admittedly an emotionally-charged matter on all sides.

From the moment you retain the founder of our firm, he will provide a higher level of legal advocacy. He understands the severity of the crime and the aggressive approach prosecutors take in pursuing convictions. John Pavlos will attend to every detail in building the most robust possible case.

Various defenses exist in fighting sex crimes. In many cases, alleged victims have an agenda or seek revenge for someone ending the relationship. More sinister tactics involve bringing children into the matter and manipulating them to gain an advantage in divorce proceedings.

Contact Attorney John Pavlos

Fighting sex crime accusations is admittedly an uphill battle. John Pavlos will remain at your side throughout the entire process. Take immediate action by protecting your rights with the help of a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Call John Pavlos Law in Randolph at 508-545-7054 or contact him online.